How to find thousands of potential clients if you are running a local business

Andrew Ma

内容If you are running a local business such as a bakery, hair salon, wedding studio, or any bricks and mortars business then you NEED to read this book. In how to find thousands of potential clients if you are running a local business, you will find many marketing strategies on how to acquire potential leads/clients using the power of the internet. This book is not about social media like every other book on the market, it really digs down deeper into how local businesses can find potential leads/clients using various web sites and channels on the internet to either increase walk-in traffic to their business or simply to increase exposure for their brand awareness.

This new unique book by Andrew Ma, reveals some of the most cutting edge marketing strategies for local businesses to find potential clients on the internet and when implemented correctly, these strategies can really have a long lasting impact for any local businesses. So what are these strategies and how helpful are they? Here’s a glimpse of what you can learn:

- Did you know that is a web site where you can meet like minded people who are in your industry and you can easily establish your leadership/reputation instantly when done right?

- Ever thought about promoting your local business using mobile apps? This is a huge untapped market that any local businesses can use to promote their business from existing walk in customers and we show you how!

- Do you have a product/service that you want to tell the world? We show you where you can get thousands of eyeballs to see your products/services

- Ever wanted to get some good customer testimonials for social proof on your products and services? We reveal where you can get it done cheaply and how to get the maximum exposure

- We all know video is a far more engaging tool than normal web content these days but just putting a video on your site is not enough! We show you how to get more views which will ultimately drive more walk in customer to your store

- Traditional print media such as newspaper and billboards cost a fortune, now there is another alternative where you can get the same exposure but without costing an arm and a leg!

......and much more!

Get this book today and start implementing these strategies to see more walk in traffic!



  • How to find thousands of potential clients if you are running a local business (English Edition)