Develop Successful Internet Business: (Online Business Plan)

Bhupinder Kohli
Jasbir Kohli(編集)

内容a. Stay connected with targeted customers at all levels of Internet.
b. When some digital media strategist says 'I am going to make your website lead in SEO in a month', and you trust it. One thing is sure, this strategist is taking you for a ride, don't go for it.
c. Now, what's the best way to lead in Internet marketplace. Be social, professionally active.
d. Every day one hour, investment online for success. That time is just for your Internet clients. Only difference is there is no face of the client but the screen.
e. This is like door to door marketing. You got to be there where your prospective customer is: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter. Be socially active to gain business.
f. How to start the sale pitch? Here you got to be interacting with your clients at the right place opting for right keyword.



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