Grow Your Phone Skills or Go Bust: Money Making Keys to Financial Freedom

N. O'Neill

内容“A Great ‘Sequel’ to her original book, Grow Your Phone Room, Ms. O’Neill shows anyone who wants to improve their money making skills on the telephone how to do that by working on the Nine Critical Factors as outlined in this book. Highly recommended!” - C. Taylor, TX

“Another Winner for Ms. O’Neill. I found this book very helpful. Thank You! ” - A. Landon, FL

“Great read. Now I will have to read the original book!” - M. Landers, CT

This fascinating book is written by Ms. O’Neill as a “sequel” to her previous book about making money on the phone, “Grow Your Phone Room or Go Bust: Make Money on the Telephone and Avoid the Phone Room from Hell – an Insider’s Essential Guide”. Focusing on the Nine Critical Factors introduced in her previous book, Ms. O’Neill takes the reader into greater insight to mastering your phone skills in this book. This book is definitely a “must-have” for anyone working on the telephone for increasing your bottom line. No matter what type of company you are, there is always room for improving your telephone skills. No matter who you are – whether the phone room employee or the head of the corporation, these insider’s secrets to mastering your telephone skills in this wonderful “sequel” to the original book by Ms. O’Neill are a must have in today’s business world. With over twenty years experience working in various call centers, managing phone room operations or training others, Ms. O’Neill gives the reader candid advice for any business owner’s phone operations. With her BA in Psychology from a prestigious research university in addition to her Honors studies in addiction, she joined an International Honors Society as a Lifetime Member.

This single mother is a multi-talented teacher, author and consultant. Some of Ms. O’Neill’s other recent books are: “What’s Your Addiction Temperature? Healing from Pain of Addiction Using TEL Therapy”, “The Color Workbook: The Companion Guide to What’s Your Addiction Temperature” and “Ebay: How to Get Started and Make Money Now!”.

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  • Grow Your Phone Skills or Go Bust: Money Making Keys to Financial Freedom (English Edition)