How to Improve Concentration at Work - High Achiever Secrets to Staying Focused and Beating Distractions

Peter W. Murphy

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This book is exactly what I was looking for. It is a no-nonsense guide to improving concentration and focus. As a busy creative person I usually have more to do than hours in the day, so I needed a practical resource to being productive and maintaining my concentration for long periods of time.

Little by little I am now finding I can get more done in less time and stay focussed instead of staring into space and getting bogged down like I used to.
This is the second book I have read by Peter Murphy; I like his direct approach, he doesn't beat about the bush, he just tells you what works and how to implement it.

Casey Grace

Book Description:

Want to improve concentration at work? In this book you`ll discover simple and proven ways to improve your concentration, beat distractions and stay focused even when the workplace seem too chaotic to allow you to concentrate.

You`ll discover practical strategies specifically for use in the workplace. We will cover the following topics:

- how to increase attention span
- the best ways to minimise distractions
- how to reduce negative stress to improve focus
- why to increase positive stress to concentrate more deeply
- proven tips and techniques that improve concentration
- foods that boost concentration, foods to avoid that stop you concentrating

Once you know how to increase concentration at work you`ll see a big difference in your productivity. You`ll move ahead more quickly in your career and people will respect you in a new way. You`ll become one of those people others look up to and they`ll wonder how you make it look so easy.

What makes this book different?

Its the focus on delivering straight to the point usable strategies that work. This book is for busy people who want answers now. As long as you can follow simple step by step instructions you can expect to make big progress in improving concentration at work.

About the Author

Peter W. Murphy is a peak performance expert. In his work he enjoys revealing the often overlooked but key distinctions anyone can focus on to achieve much better results.

He has been prolific in sharing his breakthrough personal development trainings online since 1992. He has written several books and over five hundred articles which have been syndicated across thousands of sites. His popular self help newsletter goes out to over 60,000 readers.



  • How to Improve Concentration at Work - High Achiever Secrets to Staying Focused and Beating Distractions (English Edition)