Up Your Impact: 52 Innovative Strategies to Add Value to Your Work

Chuck Frey

内容In Up your Impact: 52 Innovative Strategies to Add Value to Your Work, I show you how to grow your influence in your job by differentiating yourself, being more creative, focusing on contribution rather than strictly on compensation – and help you to thrive, regardless of the current economic conditions.

Up your impact combines the best timeless principles of success with modern tools and strategies to help you survive and thrive in today’s global, fast-paced, and uncertain business climate.

And it’s all delivered in a simple, easily digestible framework that will enable you to increase your impact one step at a time – starting from where you are now.

In Up Your Impact, you’ll learn:

- Tools and strategies for gathering and sharing information that will get the attention and respect of the senior management in your company

- How to skyrocket your value by becoming an “idea connector”

- How to cultivate a simple first thing in the morning routine that will put you light years ahead of your peers

- A lateral thinking technique that can help you to “see” potential problems and opportunities – long before anyone else on your team

- Why I call mind mapping software “the savvy executive’s secret weapon”

- How to take your networking capabilities to the next level – which will expose you to exciting new ideas and opportunities

Up Your Impact helps you take action NOW to increase your impact and value in your work



  • Up Your Impact: 52 Powerful Ideas to Get Noticed,Get Promoted & Become Indispensable at Work (English Edition)