Top Tips: Interviewing

John Hodgson
Charlotte Choules(編集)

内容The harsh reality of today’s job market is that there are MORE APPLICANTS chasing FEWER JOBS. Never before has the need to prepare for an interview been more important.
ARE YOU: Nervous at the prospect of being interviewed?
ARE YOU: Worried that you’ll be up against others with more experience?
ARE YOU: Worried that you might be turned down?
ARE YOU: Less confident than you’d like to be? If so, this is the book for you.
First, you are not alone. It’s normal to feel a little nervous before an interview. Second, give yourself a pat on the back because your CV/Resume has already impressed somebody. That’s the reason they want to meet you. On paper, you probably have exactly what the recruiter is looking for.
All that lies between you and a job offer is in your hands…....literally. Everything you need to know is in Top Tips: Interviewing.
By following the steps and guidelines in this book you will not only benefit from a huge boost in self-confidence but you will also gain a distinct advantage over other applicants.
Top Tips: Interviewing is for anybody who expects to take part in an interview on either side of the table.
The only book on interviewing endorsed by the British Institute of Directors: ‘Interviewers are something that few enjoy, regardless of which side of the table you are sitting at. However, they remain a vital tool in both assisting organisations in sifting out the best people, and a necessity for those seeking to try to present all they can offer in such a short space of time.
I therefore think that anything that brings clarity quickly and effectively cutting out the fluff is to be welcomed! ‘Top Tips: Interviewing’ does exactly that!
Ryan Ahern (Director of Learning and Development & IoD International – Institute of Directors)
One effect of today’s tough economic climate has been an increase in unemployment. A recent survey suggests that for every job vacancy there may be as many as 40 applicants and in some cases 200-300.
If you have expectations of being interviewed in the near future and would like to improve your chances of being offered a job, you will most certainly benefit from reading this book.
If you are planning to interview somebody in the near future, but haven’t yet received formal training, you too will benefit from reading this book.
Top Tips: Interviewing is for anybody who expects to take part in an interview on either side of the table.
Chapter 1 Top Tips – Preparation
Chapter 2 Top 50 Questions and Suggested Answers
Chapter 3 Top Tips – For the Interviewer
Chapter 4 Summary of Do’s and Don’ts

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