Inspirational Quotes for Today's Job Seekers (Must Read Essential Inspirational Quotes)

John Lennon

内容In today’s world, more and more people are finding it hard to land their dream job. So in this book, we explore the potential challenges facing job seekers, from being in the position of needing or wanting a new job, to the courage it takes to go out and do what it takes to find the perfect job. Some challenges are external, things job seekers can do to maximize their chances of getting a good position. Some challenges are internal, such as facing desperation or negativity or failure.

For each of these potential challenges, we explore what can be done to turn each challenge into an opportunity for positive growth and most important of all, inspire each of the job seekers by divulging pearls of wisdom - providing some key must read inspirational quotes to inspire them to reach their goal.

This book focuses on the most common challenges today’s job seekers are facing. Below outlines some of the challenges:

- Fear of Failure
- Lack of Strategic Planning
- Loss of Confidence
- Lack of Skills
- Not Learning from Failure
- Boundaries and Limits
.......and much more

The Inspirational quotes are short and pertinent phrases which are easy to remember and good tools in assisting job seekers to persevere and stay positive, especially in today’s economy.

出版John Lennon


  • Inspirational Quotes for Today's Job Seekers (Must Read Essential Inspirational Quotes Book 1) (English Edition)