How To Get A Job 101. Techniques & Tactics For Finding Work You Love

Brian Morris

内容How to get a job 101.
You’re in a competitive job market. You need to use the smartest techniques and tactics. This book will help you get a great job at the highest pay. Guaranteed.

The jobs market changes from one month to the next, and that’s OK.
If you follow the game plan I’ve outlined here you’ll come through with a good job.

Your objective in the jobs race is to come FIRST. As in America’s Cup yachting, there is no second prize.

If you’re currently working but you want something better, you should devote five hours a week for the next three months to serious job-hunting.

This book shows you how to get serious about moving up the ladder and getting a promotion.

If you’re a teenager seeking your first job I show you the way to position yourself as ‘the ideal candidate’ for your future employer. Just follow the game plan instructions.

Remember, you are in a competition with an unknown number of competitors.

If you’re a senior person aged 50 plus, you need to follow the plan for senior jobseekers. It’s all here.

This book has 12 sections. Every one of these sections is important.
It also has six free bonus reports.
Plus 10 live links to website URLs which offer useful templates for letters, CV, business cards etc.

1. Your CV and your photo
2. Your application letter
3. Chasing up job ads
4. Master File notebook
5. Personal presentation
6. Your 6 second elevator speech
7. The interview is a contest of wits
8. Teenager tactics
9. Mature person tactics
10. Record keeping
11. Following up & ‘thank you’ letters
12. Your first week / first month in the new job

No other job hunting book gives you a game plan for your first week and your first month in a new job.

Remember, you’re on trial, usually for 90 days. Don’t blow your opportunity. Use your first few weeks to build your profile and become an indispensable part of the business.

Follow the game plan.

Bonus #1 How you shake hands tells others a lot about you. Start positively and the rest will follow. Learn the Dos and DON’Ts. Tips you can use through your whole life.

Bonus #2 How to give examples during job interviews. Facts on your CV are the bare bones. Learn how to put interesting flesh on your stories.

Bonus #3 The Interview is a battle of wits. Battles have rules of engagement. Learn how to win this contest of wits. You v Interviewer. Powerful techniques.

Bonus #4 Shy people have an important obstacle to overcome. I’ll show you how you can overcome your shyness quickly.

Bonus #5 Your six seconds elevator speech. You’ve heard of it. Not many people know this important tactic and its lasting value.

Bonus #6 What to do first when a potential employer asks to see your resume / CV. There is a way to handle this situation - even when your CV is not very impressive.

Getting a good job is like a military manoeuvre. There are techniques and tactics which can give you an unfair advantage. Use them. They’re all outlined in this book. Remember, there is no second prize in the hunt for a job.

Download this book now and let’s get started.



  • How To Get A Job (English Edition)