how To Deal With A Negative Performance Review (Learn-Bytes Series)

Robert Bacal

内容It's bad news. Your performance review is not very flattering, and it hurts. You don't know what to do. Fight. Fold into a fetal position? Quit from the insult? Wait! Before you do anything you might regret, grab a copy of "How To Deal With A Negative Performance Review.
Actually, don't wait until you actually receive negative comments in your appraisal meeting. Get ready for the meeting, so you WILL know what to do in the meeting, and after the meeting to salvage what, for most, is a rather unpleasant situation.
Via the thirty guiding, and essential points, you'll learn how to:
Control your initial emotional reaction to negative review comments.
Put the negative review into context and perspective.
Conduct yourself in the review with dignity even if you feel attacked.
Impress your manager in a difficult situation by saying and asking the "right" things.
Avoid three essential things you should NEVER say in a performance review meeting that could just sink your career.

You'll also learn your options if you want to formally dispute the review, what signing the form means, and ultimately, how to turn a situation from ego shattering to a productive, career enhancing event that might even improve your standing with your employer.

LearnBytes like this one are meant to be USED in the real world, so they are short, concise principles and actions you can take. LearnBytes can be read and reviewed in about twenty minutes, maximum. Get a copy and bring this with you to review BEFORE you have a performance review, even if you don't anticipate problems Be prepared. (about 2,600 words)

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