Hate Your Job? A Complete Guide to Finding Another Job ASAP

Nick Stevens

内容Learn how to quit your crappy job and find a better one ASAP!

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Discover how you can go from a job you hate to one you love by following the strategies and lessons laid out in this book.

This book goes into the exact lessons and methods on how to be proactive in your job search. If you're suffering and hate your job or just plain don't like your job, then this book is custom made for someone like you.

Here is a preview of what you'll learn...

• Mental attitude you need for success
• Specific strategies to find the time for your job search
• How to work with recruiters - get this part right and you'll have no shortage of new job opportunities
• How to leverage your network
• Using social media to enhance your chances of finding a new job
• Resume tips and examples
• And much, much more!

These lessons and the strategies shown within truly have the power to transform your life! They are the best of the best from my discoveries on the process of finding a new job. I've passed this knowledge on to family and friends. Hating your job is no laughing matter. This book will allow you to short-cut the process of finding a better job ASAP!

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Check out what others are saying...

"Great read. I know so many people that hate their jobs that would find the strategies and tips located in this book useful. This is must reading for anyone looking for another job."
-Peter Davies (United Kingdom)

"Fantastic book. Great resume and cover letter examples that I was able to follow. It also really highlighted the importance of using social media to find jobs. As they say, 'your network is your net worth' and this book outlines exactly how to utilize your network to move on from a job you hate."
-Elliott Jones (United States)

"Buy this book - it helped me move on from a job I hate to a better one and I know it can do the same for you."
-Steven Lew (Canada)

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  • Career Change: Hate Your Job? A Complete Guide to Finding Another Job ASAP: Career Change Midlife, Career Manual (Career Counseling, Career Coaching Book 1) (English Edition)