Warren Buffett's Investment Strategy: Set it and Forget it

Law Steeple

内容Buffett's Investment Strategy: Set it and Forget it

"… our favorite holding period is FOREVER.”

Manage the account only once a year!
Contribute $9 a day, $250 a month.
Accumulate $55,000, $200,000, $1,000,000 over time.
Use a special IRS account for Tax-FREE income.
Use only low-cost high-return mutual funds.

Warren Buffett's Investing Strategy is buy and hold FOREVER high earning companies. This allows compouding to work. Compounding is money earning money on its earnings when it is invested. Invest your money in businesses sharing profits with you and over time you can reach $1,000,000. A special account makes it tax-FREE. Tax-FREE is like a $300,000 bonus.
When we invest in successful businesses, we can earn 10% to 12% a year. After 10 years, we can have $55,000 because the businesses paid dividends and we reinvested them. After 20 years, we could have $200,000 and after 33 years, perhaps $1,000,000. Over time, stocks are safer than bank CDs because we earn more than inflation subtracts. We have more buying power.
Compounding works best when we put our money to work in successful businesses paying us dividends and stock splits. When we use a low-cost AND tax-FREE account, we avoid fees and taxes so we keep more of our money to compound. The table below gives us some idea of how fast our investment can grow if we invest it in businesses like the ones we use every day.



  • Warren Buffett's Investment Strategy: Set it and Forget it (English Edition)