Chindia Alert: You'll be living in their world, very soon

Chiahou Zhang

内容If you have wondered about where 'China and India' is heading and how it might impact you more than it has already done, then this book is for you. It aims to inform and alert you to the threat and opportunities that 'China and India' pose. It is based on extensive and intensive research.

There is not only huge interest in China and India, but there is an over abundance of information. You can hardly open a newspaper without an article on China or India. However, as we know, having lots of information available does not necessarily make one any wiser. 

This book intends to make the information more meaningful by putting some order and structure to the information. Due to the eclectic nature of the content, the book may be of interest and use to anyone interested in the evolution of global economics and politics.

Chindia is a virtual land of China and India. But there are political, ethnic/cultural, economic and geopolitical differences between China and India that, some argue, make the concept of Chindia an inappropriate entity. Hence Chindia will remain virtual - at least for the foreseeable future.

Although Chindia may never become a real entity, China and India individually are having and will continue to have a dramatic impact on the world stage for the foreseeable future. You'll be living in their world - very soon. China and India require serious attention; case of 'hidden dragon and crouching tiger'. Without this attention, governments, businesses and, indeed, individuals may find themselves at a great disadvantage - sooner rather than later.



  • Chindia Alert: You'll be living in their world, very soon (English Edition)